The story of Rosemary Elkington and  her children from 1955 through the 1980´s

The whole family was very fond of reading and telling stories at bedtime. Although being protestants the children all attended a catholic day school run by the Loreto Convent Sisters in Nairobi town.

Ernest the eldest son, liked history, theatre and boxing. He won the prestigious Kenya Elocution Prize, known as Robert Beaumont Cup in 1963.
Elizabeth enjoyed singing, modeling and dreaming about making a career in the Film-world.
Irene was an attractive tomboy, who was crazy about cars. She never missed an opportunity to get into the visitors cars. She enjoyed being a homemaker for the family.

Gladys liked gardening, reading, oil painting and hated cooking George was the family brain boy. He used to help his father Richard repairing vehicles. At the age of 17 he bought Volkswagen parts at the scrape-yard and built a complete road-worthy vehicle which he sold at a profit. He attained the Aircraft Engineer License at Wilson Airport.

Stephen was very popular as he was good at sports, cycling, swimming, karate and dancing and was very interested in electrical engineering.Charles loved theatre, singing, acting and swimming. He was very good in mathematics.Gertrude was the youngest child in the family. She loved music and enjoyed dancing and playing with her dolls and pets.

The radio used to be on full blast tuned into the Hit Parade from Britain whilst the children did the daily chores.
Rosemary and her mother, Mary, who lived nearby, were both very strict in bringing up the children. They were both very strong-willed and courageous and full of encouragement for the children.

After Richard’s death in 1955 Rosemary and the children continued living in the same house in Ruaraka until 1968 when they moved to Nairobi centre.


Richard and Rosemary Elkington´s 8 children Their occupations hotelier, aircraft engineer, electrical engineer/managing director, accountant/computer programmer, beautician/secretary, hotelier, executive personal secretary/administrator and bilingual secretary/ticket agent.


Picture gallery (1955 to the 1980´s)

          Rosemary Elkington 29 years old Rosemary far right, her mother Mary, sister-in-law Meggie and youngest daughter Gertrude

Rosemary Elkington widowed in 1955, was left to fend for the children with the help of only her mother Mary.  Two years later a much welcomed help eventually came from St Vincent De Paul's Society who provided funds for food and clothing.  Life became somewhat bearable for the family in their countryside home and the children who were under strict discipline from an overworked mother could start enjoying life again.


                   Ernest                            Ernest and his wife

In 1964 Ernest, the eldest son, had to leave school and find work as a junior account assistant at Muthaiga Country Club.  A year later he joined East African Airways working as a Flight Stewart, leaving 9 years later for management posts with various hotels in Kenya. He married Irene, a nurse, and they have two daughters.





                        Irene at B.A.T Company Irene and her husband Harry holding Elsie´s cubs (Born Free)

In 1966 the third born, Irene, graduated from Nairobi Polytechnic with a Diploma in Hotel Management.  She managed the British & American Tobacco Company Catering Division and later joined the famous New Stanley Hotel in Kenya.  She married Harry, an hotelier, and traveled and worked abroad.



                Gladys and her husband Lennart                      Lennart and Gladys´ two sons

Gladys, the fourth born, studied at the North of England Secretarial School in Yorkshire.  Upon her return to Kenya worked for Nairobi Inter-Continental Hotel. She married Lennart, a Water Engineer and traveled abroad in the course of his work.
They have two sons.


                          George and his son              George´s and Yanches two children

George, the fifth born, gained a scholarship from Wilson Airport to study Aircraft Engineering which took him to Kansas City in the USA.  He gained his Licence as Aircraft Engineer for light aircraft.  He married Yanche and they have two children.





                                  Steve                  Steve´s and Tazim´s two daughters

Steven the sixth born, studied electrical engineering and then gained employment with Cooper Motors.  Some years later he worked in Saudi Arabia and then opened his own business, often traveling abroad in the course of his work.  He married Tazim and they have two daughters.



               Charles and his wife


Charles, the seventh born, studied computing and worked as a Programmer for Nairobi Business Machines.  He married Clarence and they have two children.





                                Gertrude´s daughter

Gertrude the eight born, worked for Coca Cola East Africa Ltd and later went to Paris to study the French language.   She works as a ticket agent and lives in England and has a daughter.

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